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Kids Reach Out Regarding Helmet Safety

27 Nov 2019 7:40 AM | Rick Smith (Administrator)

Here's a great email we received from a volunteer at a youth center where the kids were researching helmet safety.  They actually found our website and were impressed with the findings.  Here's a link they asked us to share.

My name is Kayla and I volunteer at a youth center with a safety program for kids. I came across your website while discussing cycling, bicycle safety, and the importance of protecting one's head. I want to say thank you!

One of my girls, Lisa, did some web searches at home and found this page that she brought in for me to see -

I suggested that she share this with you because it had such great information and I also want to impress upon all my students that by reaching out and simply asking others, like yourself, things can be accomplished that the girls might not otherwise think can.

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