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First Wednesday Evening Ride for 2022 is April 20th!

9 Apr 2022 12:01 PM | Rick Smith (Administrator)

Be sure to dust off that bike and put some air in the tires.  Might be worth a visit to your local bike shop to prepare for the riding season.  

As typical for our early April rides, the weather plays a big part in how many people show up.  Try to show up 15 minutes before the ride and say hello to a friend and make a plan to ride together.

Given we are just getting started for the year...

If you are familiar with the route of choice be a leader and get your group organized to depart.  Talk to those who may seem out of step or not sure of how the process works.

Sign up for a ride using the sign posts. Print your name and phone # so we can read it! Just like at a ski trail: Green is slower, Blue is intermediate (3 levels), Black is fast. Stay nearby so you can communicate with others.  

Depart at 6:00pm with faster groups first in descending order.

Be sure to follow the rules of the road and pay attention and call out hazards.

When you get back, sign back in so we know you are back safely.  If you are not returning back to the starting point, be sure to ask someone you know to mark you as returned.

Ride safe and have fun.


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